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A prayer for when we think of one another this week:

Lord, sometimes we groan as we wait for you to free the world from death and decay. The curse is so real, so present, and so pervasive. Even now ___ is feeling its effects. Thank you for beginning your work of bringing newness by creating new life in the soul of ___. I humbly ask you to extend that newness of restoration to ___’s body. I ask that you expand ___’s anticipation of the great resurrection day to come when all of creation will be made new.

(Praying Romans 8:20-23 from “I’m Praying for You,” Nancy Guthrie, p. 164) 


Calvary Anniversary Picnic, June 4

Come out to Washburn Park on Sunday, June 4! Arrive at 4:00 for games and share a meal at 5:00. Please sign up to bring a side dish at the welcome table.


Men’s Discipleship and Leadership Group

Please talk to Pastor Joe if you are interested. Also, please visit the Welcome Table to learn more and sign up.


Communion, May 21

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