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Online Bible Study

Lumina: A Bible study desktop with multiple translations, notes, Greek/Hebrew tools and more

Faithlife Study Bible online: A study Bible with notes and multiple translations

Mobile Apps

Faithlife Study Bible: A free study bible with notes, maps, media and Bible dictionary articles

Two Ways to Live: A gospel presentation available for iPhone and iPad

Bible: A daily devotional and Bible reading plan that covers the Bible in one year

The Bible in 15: Zoom out to see the "big picture" of the Bible and zoom in for everyday study

Creation and Intelligent Design

Answers in Genesis: Answering questions about creation, evolution, science and the age of the earth

Design Inference: A blog on intelligent design in the work of Dr. William A. Dembski

Institute for Creation Research: Showing that the facts of science agree with biblical revelation

Biblical Counseling

Paul Tripp Ministries: Learning to place Jesus Christ in the middle of our messy lives

Christian Counseling and Education Foundation the church to be a transforming community


God-Centered Christian: Pointing you toward living a God-centered, gospel-focused, Christian life A Christian analysis of critical issues

Kevin DeYoung: Kevin is pastor and author who teaches us to think biblically about God, life, culture

Crushing the Obstacles to Our Faith

Reclaiming Sex for God's Glory:

Josh McDowell's Founder's Week Message - Resources for Josh McDowell Ministries

Book: Straight Talk with Your Kids About Sex

Book: The Bare Facts: 39 Questions Your Parents Hope You Never Ask

Book: Sex and the Supremacy of Christ

Intelligently Responding to Secularism and the Theory of Evolution:

Book: How To Argue Darwinian Evolution in Public Schools...: Without Teaching Creationism

Book: I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be An Atheist

Book: The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism

Holy Week Meditations

Your Sorrow Will Turn to Joy

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